Good Books

I like to read. It's important for my mind, heart, and soul. Here are some good books that you should read, too.

The Challenge of Jesus | N.T. Wright
The Screwtape Letters | C.S. Lewis
Bold Love | Dan Allender
The Lost World of Genesis One | John Walton
The New Testament and the People of God | N.T. Wright
Mere Christianity | C.S. Lewis
The Silmarillion | J.R.R. Tolkien
The Bible Among the Myths | John Oswalt
How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth | Gordon Fee & Doug Stuart
The Invitation | Eugene Peterson
The Great Divorce | C.S. Lewis
Wild at Heart | John Eldredge
The Reason for God | Tim Keller
Blue Parakeet | Scot McKnight
Surprised by Hope | N.T. Wright
God Crucified | Richard Bauckham
How People Change | Timothy Lane & Paul Tripp
Pure Scum | Mike Sares
The Culturally-Savvy Christian | Dick Staub
Prodigal God | Tim Keller
The Pastor | Eugene Peterson

There are many, many more books that I could add to this list. But this represents the best of the best that I've read--the books that have most encouraged me in my faith.