Saturday, June 7, 2008

Abortion Survivors--Who Knew?

I came across an interesting case of a child who has survived an abortion. I've heard that this sort of thing happens regularly. I wonder why it's never reported on? You would think that abortion survivors would make a great thinkpiece in the NY Times. (If the NY Times has done an article on abortion survivors, I will gladly eat my sarcastic words.) But, alas, there are other, more important things to report on, like Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears--you know, the things that truly matter in life.
25% of American pregnancies end in abortion. 25%! Would you live in a town with a 25% murder rate? Would you send your kids to a school where 1 in 4 will be killed? Would you participate in an activity that killed a quarter of its participants? Would the military consider a battle a success if it took on 25% casualties. (Think of the media outrage over that one!) Is there any more dangerous place to be in America than in your mother's womb?

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Anonymous said...

that was an eye-catching article. I saw it on BBC. It certainly was on Fox, as was a litany of Hollywood gossip prominently displayed on 'Features and Faces'. Same as you, I couldn't find it on the NY Times, though there was a corresponding dearth of trash news as well:)

I had not heard that this sort of this happens regularly - regardless of nrlc's definition of 'abortion survivor' - - though I imagine it would be extremely difficult to get accurate numbers

...but it is useful to note the underlying symptoms of statistics such as the aforementioned 25% U.S. abortion rate (more precisely 22-22.4%) - such as the very high rate of U.S. teenage pregnancy (relative to Western Europe), and the corresponding effect this has on abortion rates.,8599,1705604,00.html

an interesting side note to this is U.S. AIDS policies in Africa - and the ways in which U.S. govt. funding is meted out on an ideological basis - ie. the well-known "Global Gag Rule" - - that links funding of AIDS prevention with restrictions on abortion and contraceptives.

Abortion and the attendant moral questions are not issues unique to the U.S, though given the extremely vocal, vitriolic, and proscriptive nature of American engagement with the issue an outside observer might be forgiven for thinking so.