Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Am Blessed

As I was putting Cyrus to bed tonight I could tell that it was going to be a long time before he would fall asleep. Normally this would frustrate me, and I would huff and puff about how he doesn't sleep even though he's EXHAUSTED, and WHY DON'T YOU JUST ROLL OVER AND GO NIGH-NIGH! YOU'RE TIRED! YOU'RE DELIRIOUS WITH FATIGUE! SLEEP IS BECKONING AND YET YOU RESIST! ALL IN AN EFFORT TO FRUSTRATE ME, YOUR LOVING FATHER!

But the Lord has been working on me, and so tonight I decided that, rather than get angry, I would pray. And so I prayed out loud. It was just the two of us in the room, and he was quiet while I prayed. I prayed for everything I could think of, and he just laid there, tossing and turning occasionally. And then, as I paused to think, he started talking.

Now, when Cyrus talks, you just let him babble on until he gets to the last word of the sentence, which is really what he has been talking about all along, and the only word you can understand anyway. So he's babbling on and then he says, clear as day, "Baby Eisley, Mommy, Daddy." He was praying for us! My little two year old son was praying for his family! How amazing is this? How blessed am I? The Bible says that the prayer's of a righteous man avail much. But what about the prayers of a little child? Even more, I suspect. I am truly blessed.


Breena of Course! said...

So exciting! Even though you already told me, I still teared up! Love our family God has blessed us with. Like the old woman said when she saw Eisley and Cyrus in the stroller, "money can't buy that. They are so precious!". So true! Love you!

Rachel Lake said...

You need to put a warning in the title of blogs like this. Warning: Do not read this while at work because you may tear up and everyone will wonder why you are pretending to have something stuck in your eye.

Can't wait to see you guys!

Corey said...

If I would have know how deeply and how often these children would be crushing me on an emotional level I.... I guess it wouldn't be so cool.