Sunday, October 5, 2008

Feeling Manly

I walked out the door this morning at 6:45, jumped into the misty '96 Saturn, and *click*. The car won't start. Hmm, must be a dead battery, I think to myself. Since I don't own jumper cables, I hopped into Breena's car and was off to work. 

I finally manned-up and purchased my first set of jumper cables from Meijer after church. We've had too many dead batteries to not own a pair of those babies by now! So after a nice NFL-on-TV nap and hanging with the kids while Bree took a well-deserved extended nap, I headed out to the cars to wreak some manly havoc.

I managed to get the jumper cables connected without killing myself, which is a victory in itself. (Have I ever blogged about the first time I tried to connect a dryer?) I started up the Impala, and much to my surprise, was not electrocuted. Then I moved on to the Saturn, and *click*. Still nothing! I let the battery "charge" for a minute and then tried again. *click*. Hmm, must not be the battery.

So I carefully removed the jumper cables, again without dying. Then I stuck my head under the hood and looked around. Lots of stuff in there. All very interesting. I wonder what the neighbors are thinking? (Cars always bring out my insecurity.) For whatever reason, I popped open the fuse box. I pulled out the fuse in the IGN3 spot and examined it closely stared at it dumbly. I put it back and tried to pull out the fuses for IGN4 and STARTER. I couldn't get them out because I have fragile hands. So I just pushed them in tighter because, you know, they were probably jiggling.

Alright, time to give it one more try. I hop into the driver seat, turn the key, and IGNITION! The car started beautifully! I couldn't believe it! And I hoped that the neighbors had been watching, because it actually looked like I knew what I was doing. Hurrah! I felt so manly and when I told my wife all about it, I got a big kiss!

Actually, this whole experience was an answer to prayer. This morning I was feeling overwhelmed by the potential expense of getting the car fixed, so I just set it before the Lord. (I know, I know, I'm such an American Christian.) But we really don't have the money to invest in the '96 Saturn, and it inexplicably started, so...thank you God!

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Corey said...

Nothing like doing something macho to impress the wife then curling up on the couch with a cold bowl of preparationH-berry ice cream. Next time impress any nearby onlookers with fancy automotive terms, like, "We clearly have a blown conniption rod", or, "Too many free radicals in the carburetor", or, "I knew I shoulda changed that free-wheel sprocket last week".