Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sometimes Preacher is having a birthday tomorrow!

To the man I love more than another other, Andrew William.

Hello, all!   I am Andrews #1 fan, so I thought I’d take it upon myself to be his first "guest blogger".
Tomorrow (May 7th) is this amazing man’s birthday.  You know him as an intelligent and creative writer, thinker, and a ‘sometimes preacher’.  Maybe through his writing you’ve discovered he is also a man who seeks to become a human in it’s purest form…the way God created us, in His image.

I know him as all these things and more!   Let me help shed some light on more of who this, blogger-man, sometimes preacher is…

Andrew is a fighter of what he is passionate about.  God, God’s people, equipping The Church, his family, and becoming friends to those who enter his life.

Andrew is a man of character.  He does things to his best ability even when no one is looking.  This has been so amazing to see…people are not so honest, but he is!

Andrew is slow to speak, quick to listen and seeks to understand the heart of those around him.

Andrew is patient.  I test this man on every level possible (trust me!) but his patience is still beyond what I have ever seen before.

Andrew is a born leader.  He comes into a room quietly (unless he knows you well, he may try and make a grand entrance!) and something about him, something God-given draws people to hear what he has to say…

Andrew loves Gods word.  He studies it so he can be equipped and can equip others to live more like Jesus did.

Andrew knows his weaknesses.  I mean, I have married “The Worst Sinner”.  He even preached about it! ;)  Check it out on the side bar, ha!

Andrew is an amazing father.  We have 3 (and 1 on the way!) beautiful, and amazing children together and he strives to be the best father to them.  He is dedicated to NOT raise the typical “pastor’s kids”.  They are his first priority in equipping.

Andrew William is an amazing husband.  I am reminded daily, even when he’s driving me crazy, that I truly married the best man for me.  I am thankful that during a vivid turning point in my life,  I chose to obey God and said “no” to the life I was living and the people who were taking over my life and re-gave my life to Christ.  The pain and loneliness I felt during that time caused me to refocus my heart to Christ, and let Him fulfill my desires.  4 months later, “Andy Holt” was mentioned, my ears perked up and the rest is history!

August 20th, 2005 I made a vow to God, Andrew and all of those who were there to stand by his side through it all and boy have we been through a LOT!  Second best decision I have ever made! (first being to follow Jesus and give my life to Him!)

Andrew William, thank you for your love.  Thank you for choosing me.  Thank you for living out your calling even when life tested you.  I am honored to be called your wife.  I truly am the luckiest gal!
I love you with my everything  and Happy Birthday, tomorrow!

Here’s a little from the kids!

Cyrus says ~ I love when you play baseball with me, & take me to B-Dubs & tell me a store be4 bedtime.   Daddy, you are ASM (his way of shortening awesome) and I love you!

Eisley says ~ I love getting dance and getting married.  I feel very happy dat we did all dose things! ;)  *I love you! Eisley ß-( she typed that part)

Ezekiel loves you.  It’s obvious with his extra cuddles and the excitement he gets when you come home after work.

And baby-to-be has no idea how awesome you are…but will soon know!

Love Always,

Your beautiful One

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Corey said...

That was very sweet. Happy birthday, Andy. You're not very much like the devil.
BTW, who wrote this entry? JK