Monday, November 28, 2011

Ember Monday

What a week! I was so glad to get back to church last night after a week of family celebrations. It felt like a lot longer than 7 days had passed since we had church!

Last night I preached from Titus 2:11-15. This is a powerful text that could be preached 8 different ways. Some texts are too big to fit into one sermon, and this is definitely one of those passages. The sermon was called The Story of Your Life, and the basic premise was this: The Gospel is the controlling story of our lives. Only when we learn to find ourselves between the appearance of God's grace (the crucifixion and resurrection) and the appearance of God's glory (the return of Christ), will we learn to live with resurrection power and hope today.

We had a guest worship leader last night, as well. Garth & Kelly invited their friend Jason to come worship with us, and we're so grateful that he came! Jason did an excellent job for us, and we all agreed that he should definitely come back soon.

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