Monday, December 5, 2011

Ember Monday

I have no idea what happened in the service last night, because I was hanging out with our kids (and my wife) in the children's ministry. I do know that Travis Ell finished up our series on Titus, called Further the Faith, with a sermon from Titus 3. I also know that we started singing some Christmas songs, and that the band brought out a number of unique instruments, including the dulcimer, the pump organ, and a xylophone-type-thingy (I'm so knowledgeable about music).

In the children's ministry we played Jericho. I built a wall that we marched around seven times. Well, actually, we only made it about 2 and a half times before Zeke and Stella started tearing it down. Then Cyrus kicked part of the wall into Eisley's face, which brought out the tears, of course. Later on, we decided to play Jericho on the slide, so I built up walls that the kids took turns knocking down as they came down the slide. That was fun!

If you missed the service last night, you can still listen to the sermon in our sermon player. I know I'm looking forward to hearing from Travis!

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Andrea B said...

Your description of the kids playing Jericho made me laugh! Thanks for the humor, as always, and for watching out for our little ones! Had a great time with Breena Friday. Thank you for sharing her so late into the night! :)