Monday, April 9, 2012

Ember Monday

Christ the Lord is risen today! That was our celebration last night at Ember, even though we didn't sing that song. Garth and Kelly pulled together a great team of musicians and singers from our congregation to lead us in praising Jesus. I think it was our biggest music team yet!

I preached a message on Mark 16:1-8, which concluded our series on the Gospel of Mark. It was our longest series yet--15 weeks in all. I preached all but one of the weeks, when Cory led us through a Passover meal (which was awesome!). You can listen to the audio of that presentation here.

The part of the service that I was most excited about, of course, was the baptisms. We baptized three folks last night--Mary, Ian, and Dustin. I've already written about the holy privilege of getting to hear their stories, which made it so much more meaningful to baptize them last night.

Special thanks to Lauren Kreischer for taking photos. It was a great night and a great service. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who made it happen. The resurrection of Jesus is the reason that we all gather together in the first place.


Anonymous said...


I would sent this via e-mail or through facebook, but unfortunately, I do not have your e-mail and I deleted my facebook for finals time.

However, in my small group, we're reading through the new testament and we reached II Timothy 2:24-26 and wanted to know what your thoughts on this passage as it relates to our previous discussion on sovereignty, choice, free will, reformed theology et. al.

- Sam

andy said...

Hey Sam, I just posted a reply.