Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ohio's Hurricane

So a hurricane swept through central Ohio this week. No kidding, a real hurricane. And it knocked out power to just about everyone in town, many of whom don't have it back yet, including my church. If Ike did this much damage in Ohio, I can't imagine what it must be like in Texas right now. God be with those of you that were in the path of the storm. 

Our power came back on after about 24 hours, so we're doing great. Some areas near us, including a large commercial zone, never lost power. There's no telling when the lights will come back on for the church. Apparently, AEP sent a bunch of their crews to Texas to help out, but then they had to be recalled because we got hit so hard. Something like a quarter million customers are still without power in Columbus. Some friends of mine had a tree fall on their house, and all of the pastors are still without electricity. I guess we were some of the most fortunate.

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