Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pro-Life and Advocating for Obama?

Let's imagine that you lived in the Philippines, and that you were extremely concerned about the issue of children being sold into sex-slavery. (Which, if you are a human, you should be!) Let's say that in the upcoming election (I actually don't know if the Philippines is a democratic country or not, but for the sake of argument...) there was a popular candidate who supported the child sex-slave trade. (Perhaps this appalls you.) Let's say that his record indicated that he supported the most extreme forms of this abhorrent act. Let's say that, despite laws that were passed in every other district of the country, this candidate opposed the same laws banning extreme instances of childhood sex-slavery in his district. Could you, as a Christian, possibly vote for him? Could you stand before God and say, I voted for the guy who supported the child sex-slave trade because I thought that, despite his record and his views, he would be best suited to somehow decrease the sex-slave trade? Could you do that? If you can do that, then by all means, vote for Barack Obama. 

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Corey said...

Why doesn't this matter to some Christians? I remember getting reamed by a brother in Christ for supporting Bush on what he thought to be a single issue basis. He thought it was narrow minded to support a candidate just because he's pro-life. Is it? I say no, especially when this position isn't taken at the pressures of fellow party members (allusion to McCain's firming of his previously less than strong pro-life platform) or public outcry. Unfortunately, I think people glance over "pro-life" or "pro-choice" bumper stickers and focus on economic or foreign policy issues, forgetting that we are talking about killing babies.