Saturday, February 14, 2009

Regarding Tonight's Posts

I've been posting a lot of stuff tonight about Ember Church. That's the church that I felt called to plant for three years and the project that fell apart in three months. If you're interested and want to make sense of it, you should probably start here and work your way up.


Corey said...

The Ember experience was one of great conflict and uncertainty for Leah and me. Because it was your vision I wanted to be a part of it very badly. I tried to be objective, to wait on the Lord and hear him speak into the situation. When it fell apart I was sad and even more conflicted. Why does it seem that good inspiration goes to waist? Why would God call you to start a church, equip you, and give you a vision only to stand by as it crumbles. Perhaps you don't have these answers either.
Anyway, this was difficult to read. Part of it still burns in me as well.

Jeanette said...

I don't know the details of what happened, but I believe that God has given you this passion and vision for a purpose. I like reading your blog because you are real, and the world needs pastors that are authentic. Maybe you were trying to make things happen in your timing, instead of God's. I hope and pray that one day Ember will become a reality. I might even know of a good worship

Rachel Lake said...

This was interesting for me to read, brother. I wasn't really paying any attention to you during this time in your life, and now regret that, as I am sure I would have learned so much from you. I really hope that someday you can fulfill some of these visions and put the ache to rest! AND I hope I'm paying attention to you then, haha. Come home with your wifey next time, I miss you!

-Your sappy sister