Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daddy Blogging

Last night I sent Breena home to Toledo with her mom so that she could get a much-needed break from the chaos around here. This, of course, leaves me home alone with the kids...FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! I'm not ashamed to say that, last night, I was dreading this. But things have gone really well so far.

Both kids woke up at 6:45 this morning. I brought them downstairs and fed them breakfast--peanut butter toast for everyone! Eisley tore her bread limb from limb, devouring it like a sadistic toast-cannibal. Cyrus just sat there, staring at his. This is normal.

After breakfast I took them to Kohl's because I need a new pair of everyday shoes after I wore mine disc golfing. I knew I was risking a major possibility of a meltdown in a public place, but the need for shoes was just too high. Cyrus pushed Eisley around in her stroller, and they both enjoyed staring at themselves in the mirror. After about 45 minutes in the store and no meltdowns, we bought the shoes and left. 

Being the extreme risk-taker that I am, I decided to test my fate even further by going to Kroger (aka the Blue Store). The meltdown ratio for Kroger trips has got to be around 2 meltdowns for every 3 trips. This must mean I got lucky. Both kids were great! It probably didn't hurt that I gave in to three of Cyrus' requests for food--cookies, chocolate milk, and Apple Dapples. It also didn't hurt that Eisley can't speak english.

We got home and I pacified the kids with some Apple Dapples while I did the laundry and cleaned the dishes. Then, at around 10:45, I gave the kids a real apple and started making Macaroni & Cheese (aka Packaroni & Cheese). It was the good kind--you know what I'm talking about, the one in the Deluxe box. I can't eat the crap they put in the tall skinny boxes. That stuff is nasty. When daddy gets mac&cheese he gets the good kind. They loved it.

After lunch we played for about a half hour and I put them down for naps. Eisley went right down but Cyrus is still up in his room doing God-knows-what. I hear a lot of thudding. Maybe I should go check on him...but why ruin a perfectly good morning? He'll fall asleep eventually, right?

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Corey said...

Well done, daddy