Monday, November 2, 2009

Why Social Justice Isn't

The Social Justice movement, particularly as it is manifest in Evangelical Christianity, claims to pursue justice for the poorest, the oppressed, the weakest, and the marginalized. I've heard it again and again: "Jesus was with the poor. He was an advocate for the oppressed. He looked out for the least of us." And he did, to be sure. He even went so far as to identify himself with the least when he said, "That which you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me."

The Social Justice movement has gained such considerable traction, particularly among celebrities, that if you don't have a cause (or better yet, several causes) then you are culturally anathema! Evangelicals are "finally coming around" to the real problems of society and speaking out on behalf of those who are powerless. At my own church we minister to the homeless, single parents, outcast refugees, and many others.

This is wonderful, "kingdom" work. But, insofar as it claims to work for justice, it's garbage. There's something missing, and I think you know what it is. It's absence is conspicuous, yet manages to explain everything.

Who is the weakest of the weak? Who is the poorest of the poor? Who is more dependent than the destitute? Who is more frail than the most infirm? Who is more confined than the convict? Who are they who, literally, have no voice? no strength? no power? They are the unborn, and in this country they are slaughtered at a genocidal pace and scale. And yet where are they on the agenda of these so-called compassionate progressives? Social Justice, absent abortion, is purely leftist politics. There is just no getting around this.

How can you cry out "Justice!" and abide this genocide? Tell me, please, where the power of the powerful is more brutally and thoughtlessly exercised against the weakness of the weak, than in abortion? Tell me where the disparity of power between perpetrator and victim is greater? Tell me, in fact, where there is greater injustice in this world than in the wombs of American women?

Twenty-five percent of American pregnancies end in abortion. Yet the Social Justice movement is silent. Would they open their mouths if the murder rate in our schools was 1 in every 4 children? Judging by their deafening muteness, perhaps only if a Republican were in charge--someone they could be against.

Why, my indignant and self-righteous Social Justice brothers and sisters in Christ, is there no room on your agenda for abortion? Why do you never speak of it? I can only conclude that it is because, before you are Christians, you are Liberals. You don't really care about Justice, you only care about political power. You cry out, "Justice! Justice!", but you abide one of the greatest injustices the world has ever seen. If what we have done to the least is what we have done to Jesus, then you have allowed him to be murdered over 50 million times.

Don't you know that there is no abortion in the kingdom? Don't you know that, in the end, the kingdom wins? Don't you know that these 50 million will yield true power in the kingdom, and that they will stand up against you in judgment? How can you be so blind? You have been seduced! You have been bewitched! Come back to your senses! You hold in your hands a wrecking ball, now swing it against that Satanic monolith named Abortion. And when it falls, you and I will dance on the ash and rubble and our faces will glow in the firelight of the destruction of that most wicked of evils.

But first, you must make Social Justice just.

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