Monday, January 24, 2011

26 For Your 26th!

Today is my wife's birthday! She's 26 today, and to honor her, I want to write 26 things that I love about her. So Breena, this is for you.

1. You love Jesus very, very much.
2. You love each of our kids with a ferocious agape love, and you don't show any favoritism between them.
3. You love me very much, and I can never doubt this.
4. You teach our kids about how much God loves them.
5. You have a compassionate heart for people who are going through hard times.
6. You're generous with your time and money.
7. You work very hard at making your 31 business very successful.
8. You are unconditionally supportive of what God has called me to do.
9. You prioritize our family and desperately want to raise our kids well.
10. You speak life into the hearts of others.
11. You have an amazing sense of humor and make me laugh at the most random times.
12. You yield to God and learn what he wants to teach you in any given circumstance.
13. You respect the authority of God's Word.
14. You're freaking smoking hot!
15. You laugh at the same things I laugh at, though sometimes you don't like to admit it.
16. You are fiercely committed to our marriage.
17. You love your friends and don't give up on people quickly.
18. You're a great cook.
19. You're a servant leader.
20. You are so relational--sometimes I just stand back amazed at how much people love and trust you.
21. You figured out how to drive in Boston. (No small feat.)
22. You press through your issues and seek the healing of God's presence in your deep heart.
23. You're a helluva lot smarter than you've ever been given credit for.
24. You work hard at being kind to me when I'm sick, even though I'm a difficult patient.
25. You lay down your life for your family and friends.
26. You make me want to grow in character, integrity, humility, and love.

You made this list very easy to write. I love you, Breena. Happy 26th birthday!

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That woman he's talking about... said...

I can't wait until I am 40!...wait... ;) You are too good to me. I love you. So thankful God poured wisdom into me when I said, "yes" to marry you. Love you, babe!