Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being Sick

For the third time this winter, I'm sick. These things happen more often when you have kids, and with three of them who always seem to have something wrong between them, I've been sick more this cold & flu season than any other I can remember.

I don't do well when I get sick. My body gets overwhelmed. I get cranky. I convince myself that some day God will vindicate me by revealing to all mankind that no human has ever experienced more pain than Andy Holt when he gets sick. In short, this is me:

This, of course, puts a great deal of stress on my wife. So I've tried to take a closer look at what happens to me when I get sick so that I can make life better for her.

What being sick reveals about my character is that I'm a pretty selfish person. I also become absorbed in my own trials and circumstances and am unable to empathize with others. What troubles me about this is how this reflects my true character--character that will be revealed not simply by being sick, but by trials and difficult circumstances of all kinds.

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