Friday, July 1, 2011

Ember Church

I've had this dream for more than eight years now. There were times I thought God had taken it completely off the table; that it would never happen. But, today, I'm very excited to announce that Ember Church will be holding its first service on August 14!
We've been in the planning stages for about 8 months, and it's been killing me not to talk about it on my blog. So much has happened in that time, and we've already seen God's faithfulness and favor. I'll be posting some of those stories here in the coming weeks. We'll be meeting at the American Baptist Church in Westerville on Sunday nights, with services starting at 5pm.

August 14 | 5pm
401 E. Schrock Rd., Westerville, OH

People have asked me, "Why does Westerville need another church?" This is my answer: Because the rule and reign of Jesus the King has not yet been extended to every heart and home in central Ohio. We want to partner with other churches in our area to see the gospel happen in our community. We want to see the reign of Jesus become a new reality and a deeper reality to people all over Columbus.

Ember is not the last church that Westerville (and Columbus) will ever need. We're not here to set the world on fire. We're not here to save Christianity in central Ohio. We're not here to do something nobody else is doing; we're here to continue the work that God has been up to in this community for decades. Maybe, in our church, it will take new shapes and find new expressions, but it will be the same Jesus. We are here to point to Jesus, because only he can save you, only he can transform your heart, and only he can be your true King.

I'll be posting a lot more information about Ember Church here at the blog over the next few weeks. I've got 8 months of silence to make up for! If you want to know more about the church, or think that God might be leading you to get involved, please send me an email. I'd love to talk with you. Please also feel free to pray for us. Regularly. And then come join us for worship on August 14 at 5pm, 401 E. Schrock Road. (Did I get that in there enough?)


Anonymous said...

What will be your role at Ember Church?

andy said...

I'm the pastor, but like everybody else who is making this happen, I'll be wearing a lot of hats.

Jan Lanham said...

It will be my honor to pray for you and your church.

Corey said...

We're so excited fir y'all (yes, I say "y'all" now, deal with it). Continued prayers for your group as you seek to glorify Christ in Westerville. Godspeed, old friend.

5 VOICES said...

Okay, Andy, my friend, 2 more weeks. I have been praying for you and the church and will continue
I'll be in Ohio from 9-29 thru 10-4 and hope to get some time with you
I'll be in touch