Monday, October 3, 2011

Ember Monday

Last night was the first time I wasn't at an Ember service. Well, I suppose I was, technically. Last night I served as a "children's pastor" in the children's ministry. I missed the service, but got to spend time with a bunch of really great, energetic young kiddos--three of which were mine.

Children's ministry gets a bad rep. Everyone who hasn't done it is terrified of it, and thinks it sounds like a nightmare. This, of course, is ridiculous; if you haven't done it, how do you know what it's like? You don't. And it's awesome! If you let yourself be used of God, you will be built up just as much from shepherding kids as you are when you're in the service with the other adults. If you engage with kids you will be amazed by them. I may be the senior pastor of Ember Church, but I'm proud to say that I'm also a children's pastor to our little ones.

Last night was also the first time I've opened the pulpit to someone else from within our congregation. Travis Ell spoke from Jeremiah 20, and if you weren't there, you can listen to it the same way I will--through the sermon player right here on the blog. Travis is a young man that I've been building into for the past three years, and he is an outstanding man of God. I'm proud to call him a friend.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to your comments about children! They are not the future of the church: they are the church already, just as much as adults are. Jesus said and demonstrated how hanging around with children is connected with kingdom living.

The United Church of Canada includes this in its "basic information" about the denomination and its congregations: "Children aren't viewed as adults-in-waiting, nor are they on display for the amusement of the adults. They're full and welcome participants at the heart of each congregation, bringing ideas and unique talents that can inspire the entire church" ( I wish my denomination made a statement like that in its "basic information!"