Monday, October 31, 2011

Ember Monday

We had our Trunk or Treat yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. Lots of folks from the neighborhood came out, and we gave away a ton of candy. I have to say, my costume was pretty amazing. Yes, Ember, that's your pastor, wearing a giant whoopie cushion. Be proud, friends. Be very proud.

So many people did such great work to pull this event off, and Tim Evans is at the top of that list. What he and Jenny did to their car was amazing: Strobe lights, smoke machine, and a tunnel of darkness. It was incredible!

We had our usual service immediately after the Trunk or Treat, and we finished up our 12 week series on the book of Jeremiah. The passage we looked at was from Jeremiah 44, the final recorded prophecy of his life. Sadly, it was essentially the same message he had been preaching for 40 years. The people refused to listen to him or heed his warnings, even after Jerusalem had been destroyed by the Babylonians. Idols have a stranglehold on our hearts, and most of us don't repent of our idolatry after the first message. The point of the sermon was to say this: If we don't repent of our sin, we're doomed to repeat it.

The band played a song that I hope will become a regular one in our rotation. Kelly sent me a video of the song to share on the blog. (This is not our band.)

Next week we start up a new sermon series on the book of Titus called Further the Faith. I'm really looking forward to getting into a New Testament book, and am excited about what God has to say to us through Titus!

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