Monday, March 12, 2012

Ember Monday

Last night was our most lightly attended service ever. I say that with a bit of enthusiasm, though, because about half of our congregation were on short term missions trips with Cru. Some were in Jamaica, others were in Florida. We prayed for all of them, and trust that God is doing great things in and through them this week.

We continued our Mark series with chapter 11, where Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey and clears the temple. We asked the question, "What sort of king is Jesus?" He's not a typical king. He's the sort of king who goes to battle on a colt, not a war horse. He's the kind of king who goes to a cross, not a throne.

Jesus began his reign as King over All through his humble self-sacrifice, and his reign continues in the same spirit. Our task, then, as his followers, is to live like he reigns. Our lives must reflect the rule and reign of King Jesus.

Furthermore, the New Testament makes it clear that we, Jesus' followers, are the new temple of God. We must live like Jesus reigns because we are where Jesus lives. If we are his temple, our lives must reflect his reign.

Next week at Ember I'm going to try to shoot some video, so bring your friends! Let's get that place packed out for a little promo video I'm putting together!

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