Monday, March 26, 2012

Ember Monday

Last night we did something completely different. Instead of gathering in the sanctuary, we pulled some tables together in the lobby/fellowship hall and celebrated a Passover meal. Cory Baugher, who is a Christian high school Bible teacher, led us through the meal, teaching us the symbolism of the feast and how Jesus fulfilled Passover. It was truly remarkable, and I learned a lot! I heard from several other people who said it was a wonderful night at church, and they were really impressed with Cory's teaching. I just wish we had been able to find a way to record it. If you want to experience it first hand, Cory will be taking his home church, Karl Road Baptist, through the same ceremony and teaching in a couple of weeks.

It was so nice, for me, to be able to sit back and be blessed by someone else's teaching. Thus far, when we've had someone else teach (mostly Travis Ell), I've either been in Children's Ministry or doing something else for the service. But last night I just got back to sit back, relax, and be taught. It was truly refreshing.

I've been thinking about what to preach on after the Mark series ends on Easter Sunday. We have about a 4 or 5 week window for a preaching series. Do you have any suggestions? Is there something that you'd like to hear me preach on, whether you go to Ember or not? Let me know in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

You should do a sermon series on Reformed Theology :)

Glad to see your blog is back, Andy!

- Sam

andy said...

Oh boy, that would be fun.

Cory Baugher said...

I am glad that I was able to be a blessing to you that night. I have really enjoyed your teaching and the depth that you bring as well as the real, practical applications that are not candy coated principles. It is so refreshing to listen to someone who challenges you.