Monday, May 19, 2008

Finding the Right Music

I've been trying to find the right music for the Memorial Day tribute video I'm working on this week. The Memorial Day tribute video is basically a collection of photos of all the folks in our church who have passed away in the past twelve months. It's far and away the most sensitive video I produce every year. The thought of misspelling someone's name or, even worse, putting the wrong name with a picture, makes me shudder. So getting the right music is crucial.
Last year I used "Born" by Over the Rhine. There was a bit of a controversy because of the line "Pour me a glass of wine." (It's a good thing I didn't choose "Changes Come.") I fought for the song because I thought it was thematically and musically appropriate. Ultimately it was cleared by the pastor, and I got a lot of questions from folks that went more or less like this: "Hey Andy, great video! Who sang that song? It was incredible! Where can I get it?" So I certainly felt like it was the right song for the video.
This year I'm looking for something along the same lines, but I'd like to choose a different artist. My first thought is to use Sufjan Stevens' version of "Come Thou Fount." Obviously I won't have the lyrical controversy of last year, but I'm not convinced the song is pretty enough. It has the right mood and tone, but it may be too raw for such a sensitive video.
So even though this is my first post, I'm throwing it out there for any suggestions. What is the right music for a Memorial Day tribute video?


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I'm thinking something a little more edgy - but with some vintage appeal - you know, for the er...older folks.

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Corey said...

Sounds like a pretty hefty duty you've got there, your video assignment sounds big too! Hey-oooh! I just inferred that you made a big poopy!

I do have some suggestions, the first one may stretch you because of how CCM/Country it is but I think it's perfect

1. When I get where I'm going, originally performed by Brad Paisley (country) but there is a far-less country version by Geoff Moore (CCM). If you haven't heard it yet at least look up the lyrics.

2. Til Kingdom Come, by Coldplay from their X&Y album. Great mood, perhaps a lyrical stretch.

3. Untitled Hymn, by Chris Rice, I've sung this song at a couple of funerals, very emotive lyrics, I think the families of the deceased would find this an honorable choice

4. He's Always Been Faithful, by Sarah Groves, it's just good.

Those were my suggestions, what do I win if you pick one of mine?


Breena said...

I love the title of your page...not sure what to suggest cause' I listen to the music you download (it's just so goooood!) haha! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Down to the River to Pray" - Alison Krauss