Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How I'm Spoiled #151

Since we've moved to a bigger place my wife has started cooking more. Even though our kitchen is small, she has a lot more space than at the old place. And apparently that has set her free, because she has burn churning out some amazing dinners lately. I'm too ignorant to describe the cuisine, but all I can say is that even the green beans were delicious! Not only that but she brought home some red wine, and she's making cookies as I type this. Oh yeah, we're about to get stupid sophisticated up in here tonight!
On a side note, I decided to go with "Come Thou Fount" by Sufjan for the Memorial Day video. I almost cried watching it with that song, and I'm a stonehearted fox. I never should have doubted myself in the first place. But thanks to all who recommended songs!

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Breena of course said...

what exactly does "sophisticated up in here tonight" mean exactly? hahaha...but you are too kind my dear! Love you