Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In a Fighting Mood

Sometimes I just feel like fighting. Today could be one of those days. I tend to get myself worked up in my head about the way I think a particular situation is going to go, and then it never actually goes that way. It would be nice for something to play out, just once, exactly the way I imagine it's going to play out, then I would have all my witty and cutting retorts prepared in advance. 


Corey said...

It's always good to have some good stand-by retorts, like "watch it, Jack", or "you want me to toss you a knuckle salad?"

andy said...

I always enjoy the "Throttle it back there big shifter," and "Why don't you write your phone number down on this here piece of paper so that I can tear it up right in your face thereby disgracing you through contempt and disrespect!"