Monday, August 22, 2011

Ember Monday

Last night was our second service at Ember. It was a really good time of worship, and the personal highlight for me was when the band played All the Poor & Powerless by All Sons & Daughters. It was the last song of a four song set, and when it was over, my heart was screaming for more worship! We were also really blessed to hear Charlie play the trumpet-like-it's-hot, and I'm pretty sure I heard him and Garth singing really loud at the end. Maybe next time we should get those guys some mics!

I preached a sermon called Broken Cisterns from Jeremiah 2. I hope to post the audio later today, but I'm catching up on some long-neglected yard work. Some things just don't get done when you're planting a church in your "spare" time!

I'm really enjoying this time in our church's young life. There are a lot of challenges that go along with church planting, and I'm trying to see those challenges as opportunities to see God come through and for the gospel to happen. There are also a lot of joys, like worshipping together, learning, growing...even seeing that Ember sign out on the street! I've waited a long time for this church to start, and I'm extremely grateful to God for all that he is doing.

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