Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Five Days to Launch

We're just five days away from launching Ember Church, and I couldn't possibly be more excited! God has been gracious enough to steal all my anxiety away, and now I just want to gather together with others to hear from him and worship him. After all this planning, I want to finally see what Ember will actually look like! And the glimpses I've had along the way make me pretty freaking excited to do this for the rest of my life.

I'm believing God for big things. I have an expectant faith that he wants to and will move in powerful ways in central Ohio, and that one of the many instruments he will use to accomplish his amazing purposes is Ember. I can't wait to see the gospel take over central Ohio, to bring wayward sons and daughters home, to set people free from bondage, to rescue the unborn from death, to revive your heart and pull you out of your boredom, to reconcile people back to each other and to God, and to see sinners find forgiveness and extend it to others.

I believe that God has a good deal more in store for you than you could possibly imagine. I believe the truth and new reality that he is speaking over you is so audacious and ostentatious that it would make your ego blush. I believe that God is unashamedly conforming you into the image of his son. Yes, God wants to make you like Jesus. And I believe the only way for you to fully receive the benefits of God's will for your life is to engage Jesus with all of your heart, to embrace his character and his authority--to receive his word over you and respond to him worshipfully.

This is why we have church worship services. We gather together to worship the one who is more powerful than death, not because we have to, but because this is the only time we get, and the only place in the world where we can be together, as the body of Christ on earth, to hear a word from him whose words are life, and to be filled by his Spirit within and among us as we respond with hearts full of gratitude and love. I can't wait to do this with a church called Ember. Come and join us this Sunday. 5pm. 401 E. Schrock Rd.

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